Monday, March 21, 2011

6 more SLEEPS!!!

So only 6 more sleeps until AROUND THE BAY!!! There are quite of few of us Ontario Bloggers running this 30km event. I know most of us have been checking the weather like mad...looks *okay*...I am a little worried about the WIND....This will be my first ATB ever so from all the stories I have heard I am not expecting any miracles with the wind/rain/weather in general... I am pretty pumped....Plus I haven't had a "race" since Chicago is the kick off to my Spring Race Season...

Week 10 in Review

Monday: 60mins Cycle on the Trainer...watching the Bachelor...It was awesome...actually and before that I went to Port Huron, MI to Dick's Sporting Goods and picked up two pairs of my Asics 2150's...They are last season's model but I did so well in them I figure why not keep with them for a little bit at $69.99 a pair...I couldn't go wrong...Even better is when I crossed customs I was completely honest about my purchase and the lady thought I was nuts for A) needed more than one pair of shoes and B) training for a marathon she let me through and I didn't have to pay duty!

Tuesday: 6km Tempo....Fastest tempo of this cycle! Love it...getting faster...still not at where I was but it is coming every week! This day I was starting to get a cold :(

Wednesday: Full blown cold...but I did run 12km and complete 7 hill repeats...just took it a bit easy...It was tough but oddly enough it "cleared" my nose and head for a few hours...It made me feel a bit better...

Thursday: still sick but had a great 8km steady was such a gorgeous night out :)

Friday: REST

Saturday: We moved the Long Run to Sat. 29km done and done...due to my cold I wasn't feeling that great but we someone finished it and surprisingly I felt great!

Sunday: Rest

So far so good...I have taken 3 rest days so far this month and I feel like they have all been needed...If tonight goes according to plan then it will be Cross-Training #6...Also known as sit on my bike and watch TV :)

Happy Running!


  1. Good Luck at ATB. I did it in 2007 and it was the usual windy & rainy day - but it was still a great race. Have fun!

  2. The wind may not be great in some spots but there are a lot of spots through the course that are protected.
    Still a fun time..I can't wait!

  3. I've heard great things about this race - will look forward to reading how it goes!