Sunday, September 19, 2010

35km Done and Done!

Let the taper begin my friends!!!! 35km or 21.75miles done! It was a great day...the weather was gorgeous...I kept my pace slow which I still find difficult to do on Sunday Long Runs...Mentally I was 110% which is great...considering I have only done this distance once before and that was in 2007 with my first marathon!

10-10-10 Taken at the beach where we finished our 35km!

The legs are tired...I am not going to lie....they are really stiff and tired...I stretched once I go home which has helped a great deal and I will do my usual routine tonight and keep my feet up, ice etc...I have my last massage shceduled for Thursday...I am hoping this will again help some...It will be a challenge to get all my runs in this week with some big meetings and a packed weekend(a wedding reception, party, sushi dinner date)...including going to the Scotia Waterfront Marathon to cheer on others from my group!

On our drive back to London we made sure to get a picture with the Port Stanley sign...

I need to give a special Shout out to my Hubby as well as Lindsay's Hubby Jamie....The hubby rode his bike the entire way and supplied us with cold beverages (plus he got my salt and vinigar chips for the end for me...I always like a few with my lunch...I loose salt like it is my job) well Jamie followed us in his truck and had cold water stops and chocolate milk waiting for us at the finish and drove all of us back to our cars in London(we stunk up is poor truck)...We couldn't have done it without them! Thanks boys!!!

We watched Spirit of the Marathon together the night before the run...Great movie which now has me pretty excited for Chicago! I might need to watch it again...

Happy Running!


  1. Woah Port Stanley, I didn't realize we lived in the same neck of the woods!

  2. Great job on the last long run...enjoy your taper!

  3. Nice long run, it is great to have support while you do it. Enjoy the taper and good luck in Chicago!!

  4. Woohoo, congrats!!! Happy Taper!

  5. Wahoo last long run! you'll be in my neck of the woods before you know it for the marathon! :)

    By the won the giveaway on my blog! :) just shoot me an e-mail and I will get you the info you need. runningmyantidrug(at)yahoo(dot)com

  6. Sounds like a great long run - especially nice to have a support crew!

    I'm thinking I'll watch Spirit of the Marathon (again) right before my marathon - it's quite inspirational.