Monday, September 13, 2010

Long Run Recap

Hi Folks,

Short post: Ran 29km on Sunday....wasn't into the route...was super stiff...legs nutrition...not a happy camper...the best part was the end when we all went to my Marathon Instructors house for Brunch! (Thanks Jane and guys ROCK!). It was so motivating...Jane has run Chicago Marathon a few times and showed us pictures, posters, her was just what I needed after a challenging run (both mentally and physically). No more 29km runs this cycle....35km on tap for Sunday...most likely will do another London to Port Stanley Run...It is so nice that for the first time in a LONG time I can "let go" of a bad run....I feel at is good....

6km tempo run Tuesday...(Sports Psychologist is coming to speak to my running group again! Woot Woot!)
5x800's Yasso's or 10km Fartlek for Wednesday...
Thursday: 10km
Saturday: Yoga

Happy Running!


  1. Last week before taper!!! Good luck with the workouts.

  2. Glad you're at peace with your run... hey, 29K is 29K no matter how poorly you think it went it's still good distance work and good time on your feet.

    26 days till the marathon huh? That's scary!