Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Hello Tempo Tuesday

Last Tempo Tuesday: Awesomeness=6km in 31:23 or a 5:13km/pace (3.72miles with a 8:19)....Fastest of this cycle...I think there were a combo of things....

1. It was raining...I wanted to be out of the rain (Curly Hair + rain = 80's Hair disaster)

2. I was supposed to have a 30min nap...that turned into and 1h30min nap...my mum was coming to pick me up....I didn't want to be late...

3. I missed my running group...I knew I would have to push myself tonight...it was tough...but felt good...I know that although there will be 44,999 other people in Chicago...It comes down to me...

Tomorrow is a 10km run...I am hoping I will be able to do it...we will see as I am having dental work done tomorrow :( boooourns.........

Happy Running!


  1. Uggh, dental work. ANd I love the word "mum" so much, I might ask my girls to start calling me that!

  2. That is funny about "mum" it is a British Thing that many of us Canadian's have adopted (my mum was actually born in England)...We have always called her that!! (When we were little we would call her "mummy").

  3. Yeah! Nice tempo!

    That is going to be AMAZING running with so many people!

  4. Hi There! I added you to the list of Chicago runners! YAY!!!! Can't believe it's on your birthday... what a way to celebrate! Just think of it as one giant celebration for you. Hope we can meet up at some point. I MAY do a bloggy pre-race picture and try to get some people there. I'll keep you POST-ed... ok I'll leave the cheesy blog jokes at home, I promise!


  5. Yay Stephanie! That sounds awesome! I am totally into the Cheesy jokes so no worries there.

    Yes it is on my Bday...still trying to think of what I can potentially wear....(That post should be coming up in the next week)