Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Super Curly Crazy Hair and a Bondi Band

Hi There,

Here I am!

I have hair...curly hair...crazy hair....This is a picture where I actually am wearing it down....I Love my has taken me roughly 25 years to actually figure out how to style and handle my hair (I will be 29 in 25 days....Chi-Marathon also 25 days away)

ANYWAY: The reason my hair is CRAZY is because it is actually pretty fine...I just have a lot of it... A LOT...I pretty much shed more than a small animal does...if it was thick and nice...I would probably wear it down more or I could straighten etc....I have two hair styles....Down and UP!

I wear a headband everyday....I love keeps my hair out of my is kind of my signature....underneath every hair band that is cloth (non cloth ones are fine) I need to wear a Goody:

Love the Goody Comb circle fact I go through them like crazy....I wear them on their works...we have a good relationship...except that when I run...even if I wear the goody a hand band will NOT stay in...I have tried every cloth head band imaginable...ones with rubber, sticky, small width, wide width, thick, thin etc....I had pretty much given up and aways wear a hat or a visor when I run....They are good but I find I can over heat in them because I have so MUCH hair...cloth hairbands are way better....if I just wear the goody I get nasty stinging salty one likes that...

I contacted Rebecca over at Bondi Band to ask them a couple of questions about which would be a good fit for me...She was so kind and sent me a black heavy wicking band..I received it in the mail yesterday...I am not going to lie....I was could something so thin stay on my head, wick sweat and look good....I tried it on....felt okay...but the true test was running...last night I had on tap a sweaty tempo 6km...Rebecca instructed that I should wear it once inch above the brow line...I probably had it a bit too high in the picture...I adjusted it to closer to the brow line when running...

Well Guess What? The BONDI BAND WORKED!! (Honestly if you listen closely you can hear angles singing right now)....I was so SURPRISED...I had doubts....but NOT any more....No stinging hair adjustment...pure bliss!

Thank you Rebecca and Bondi Band!!! I can't wait to order some really funky colours and maybe after Chicago a 26.2 one!!!

Does anyone else have hair trouble when they run???


  1. I have thick curly do-what-it-wants-to hair also! I do love Bondi Bands. I like that I can put them over my boring visors to change up the look. Plus they do keep your hair in place and are so light.

    Now I won't lie. I make headbands and I do wear what I make but usually not when I run because I almost always wear a visor. I have trouble with bright light/sun in my eyes so the visor is almost a have to. But when I don't wear it i.e., early morning or cloudy day I wear my headbands and they do a great job too. I like the think ones for running since my hair is so heavy.

    Glad you found a headband that finally works for you!

  2. I have fine curly hair and still haven't figured it out... It likes to go flat on top and really really curly at the bottom :( Most of the time, it just likes to be frizzy lol... maybe i'll have to get some styling tips from you sometime :)

  3. You have gorgeous hair! Glad the Bondi worked out so well for you... so many fun styles to choose from!

  4. beautiful hair! I love, love, love Bondis! I try the other cuter bands out there but nothing works as well as a bondi. They are light, comfortable and stay put. Glad you found out the secret :

  5. I love my BondiBands...but want to order more and more of them.!!

  6. You have great hair and you'll totally be sporting a 26.2 Bondi band real soon :)

  7. You're beautiful! I'm bondi band obsessed! I have dozens of them! Glad you liked it!