Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Dear Canada Post:

Thank you for delivering my Chicago 10-10-10 Participant booklet! You made my day! Lots of bed time reading now!

I have also got my bib number! Woot Woot....Love getting mail....

Sidenote: The envelope it came it looked like JUNK mail....If I didn't look closely enough I would have totally thrown it out....


Tuesday: 6km Tempo Run: 5:37 pace
Wednesday: 10km Steady Run: 6:07 pace

I have to say...both those runs I did not follow the 10:1 walk/ feels pretty is starting to get a bit easier...

Tomorrow I have a dentist appointment at 7:00am (no idea of why I booked it that early) and a massage appointment at is going to be a good running...hopefully Friday I can get something in!

Happy Running :)


  1. Sweet! I was reading someone else's blog (can't remember who) and they received theirs today too.

  2. I was actually surprised mine came....I often am the LAST to get things!

  3. So exciting! Getting real now!!! Enjoy your massage.