Monday, September 27, 2010

Weekend in Review

Hi folks,

Quick Update Here:

Thursday: 6.5km run followed by a massage...all went well...I continue to struggle with tightness in the calves...which in turn affects every else....same old same old...stretching and icing...

Friday: Sushi Cab-Load with Running Friends who were participating in the Scotia Waterfront Half and Full....

Saturday: Two Parties....two big ones....had a blast...ate like CRAZY....I kept commenting that Friday/Saturday I ate WAY too much...however....

Sunday: 23km...I FELT so good...Actually I felt GREAT...I was able to complete my run at marathon pace (I garmin died at 16km....but I luckily checked the time before...sooo pretty much marathon pace)...This was the BEST I have felt nutrition wise all cycle....

Carbo-Load Friday was key...followed by non-stop carbs sat....this allowed me to skip breakfast Sunday....I took a gel 15mins before for the first time was great....I took 3 clift shots after 45mins.....then after another 45mins a half a gel....followed by the rest of the gel 45mins later....I drank plenty of water and G2....I was less leg Stomach Issues which was actually pretty insane...I always have GI issues....and I had was good...I was pretty motivated as some of my running friends had just completed their first Marathon or Half Marathon...I am just so happy for them...I am getting a little teary-eyed thinking about it....

Do you remember how you felt right after your first Half or Full Marathon?? Tell me about it!! I would love to hear!!

"When you cross the finish line, no matter how slow or fast, it will change your life forever" -Dick Beardsley, Spirit of the Marathon...


  1. Well, i can honestly tell you right now (after doing my first half on saturday) i am sore as all get out! my legs are tight... more than just my legs hurt, and i have a huge blood blister lol... but im elated that i finished my first half marathon!! :D

  2. After my first marathon..I had so many blisters that it was hard to think of little else.
    Then we got into a car and drove 8hrs from Cincinnati to Burlington to get home. Stiff legs? bet.
    Can't wait for your race!

  3. My knee was so bad after my first half I could barely walk but I also so happy

  4. AHHH what a great feeling to have everything click! So now you know JUST waht to do for Chicago. And indulging in CARBS for two days should be no problem. :)