Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Knee Update

So Last night I ran a 6km tempo went well...I think that the thing that MOST hurt was the it felt like 40degrees out there! I will be happy once we get some relief in the Weather somewhere around Friday! The knee felt surprisingly okay...I didn't push it to hard...I listened to my body...Right now I think the stretching and Rolling is helping...I came home from the run and did my routine and then woke up this morning and did the same thing...for the next little bit I am going to have to double dip in this department in order to keep things calm down there...

I have another massage appointment scheduled but not for a few hard to get into all these places right now since it is FALL marathon time!

I just wanted to give a shout out to some of the other fall marathoner/half-marathoner blogger's...There are at least 3-4 of you who are struggling with injury...I am thinking about you and sending positive vibes your way....injuries can be devastating and frustrating...I found this a good article from Runner's World in September...

Chicago is now only 39 days away! We are in the 30's people! This also means only 39 days until my birthday....still need to figure out what to wear for the marathon!


  1. I don't know how you ran in that last night! Only mornings are bearable for me this week, and even at 5AM it is pretty awful out. Ugh!

    Keep up with that stretching and rolling!!

  2. Honestly this summer has been the worst! If Chicago end up being like 2007 I am well prepared! I would LOVE to be a morning runner...however...I am not there yet....evenings are where it is at for me currently..this could very well change after this cycle!

  3. Good for you for running in the heat - yikes. Its been SOOOO super hot out there!

    Hope your knee is feeling better soon...sounds like you're doing all the right things for it!

  4. Awesome job...I have had a bit of an injury but think I am doing the right things right now to hold it off - massage treatment, stretching, ice etc.
    I am so over this humidity.