Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Weekend Recap!

Hi Folks,

I took a quiet week as my legs were still feeling quite stiff...I had a sports massage on Thursday night and decided to take Friday and Saturday as rest days...This really helped a great deal...Sunday I woke up nice and early and met my friend Lindsay to do our 32km run...we joined with another local running store...We did a run from London to Port Stanley...

Let me tell you...IT WAS A BLAST! They had the best rest stops...Lots of water/sports drink, tons of fruit, candy, salty treats...everyone was so encouraging....almost 200 people did this training run...I was so impressed and plan on doing this again next year....I felt so encouraged by everyone...The neat part is that you can start anywhere a long the if you only needed to do 10km you can! Fabulous!

Me, Lindsay and Catherine (3 Crazy Ladies Running Chicago!)

I ran with Lindsay the entire time. We really focused on slowing down the pace. This helped the legs....but man is it hard to slow down sometimes....Catherine had an amazing run as well! I cannot wait to run Chicago with them!

I immediately got home and stretched! This helped so much...then me and the hubby packed up the car and headed to Muskoka for a few days...he drove the entire way and I sat in the car with ice packs on the knees....good times...

I did hardly anything on Monday...was pretty much a couch potato...I stretched and rolled and was FINALLY starting to see a light at the end of this crappy leg pain tunnel...Instead of a tempo run on Tuesday I did a steady run...I am not wanting to push it too much at this point....

Tonight I came home and did my first night of Yasso 800's at a local track...I did four sets...not wanting to push it....

It was great...I had an average time of 4:02...Now this is all relative...can I run a 4:02:00 marathon? At this way....

With my 30km race time I used the Macmillan Running would predict a 4:33:31...THAT seems CRAZY fast to me....soooo we will see....I do enjoy the speed work....

Tomorrow I have another massage scheduled! Woot Woot...hopefully it won't hurt as much! Then Friday I need to get at least a 10km run in....Sunday will only be 29km....two more crazy long runs left....Let me tell you...I will be happy once the taper is here!

Happy Running!


  1. Wow....200 people out for a training run? That is awesome.
    You are going to have a great race..I'm looking forward to taper and I still have almost 2 months to race day!

  2. Wow, what a HUGE training run! It sounds awesome with all the support. Congrats on the 32K!